的Aluminium Dagger By Richard Austin Freeman

的Aluminium Dagger By Richard Austin Freeman

的author behind 的Aluminium Dagger, Richard Austin Freeman 要么 in some circles R. Austin Freeman, is 上e of the most celebrated crime writers of the early 20th century and the brain who created the character of Dr. John Thorndyke. Freeman (1862 –1946年)否认了他的创作是一名侦探的观念。相反,他相信“他是犯罪调查员…苏格兰场的技术既不适合[Thorndyke],也不可行。 ”


然而,人们可以安全地选择任何弗里曼’小说或短篇小说,并保证获得令人满意的阅读体验。“The Aluminium Dagger”最初发表于1909年3月的  皮尔森’s Magazine. 

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的“urgent call”—the instant, peremptory summons to professional duty—is an experience that appertains to the medical rather than the legal practitioner, and I had supposed, when I abandoned the clinical side of my profession in favour of the forensic, that henceforth I should know it no more; that the interrupted meal, the broken leisure, and the jangle of the night-bell, were things of the past; but in practice it was otherwise. 的medical jurist is, so to speak, 上 the borderland of the two professions, and exposed to the vicissitudes of each calling, and so it happened from time to time that the professional services of my colleague 要么 myself were demanded at a moment’的通知。因此,在这种情况下,我将要联系。

的sacred rite of the “tub”已经被适当地表演了,当叙述者急忙地踏上楼梯,我们实验室助理波顿的声音出现在我面前时,本叙述者的刚干的人将被暗示着穿上了第一批衣服。同事’s door.




“我几乎马上就会和你在一起,” said Thorndyke. “受害者已经死了吗?”

“Quite. Cold and stiff. 的police think—”




“先生,如果您要在楼下等, ”Polton有说服力地补充说,“我可以帮助医生做准备。”


当我们进入客厅时,来回狂热地走来走去的来访者松了一口气,抓住了他的帽子。“你准备好了吗?” he asked. “我的马车在门口。”然后,他没有等待答案,就急忙走了出去,迅速地走下楼梯。

的carriage was a roomy brougham, which fortunately accommodated the three of us, and as soon as we had entered and shut the door, the coachman whipped up his horse and drove off at a smart trot.


“那对他是明智的,” said Thorndyke. “但是,现在确切告诉我们发生了什么。”

“I will,” said Mr. Curtis. “被谋杀的人是我的姐夫阿尔弗雷德·哈特里奇(Alfred Hartridge),很遗憾地说他是-好吧,他是个坏人。如此说起他,让我感到很难过,您知道吗,但是,尽管事实很痛苦,我们仍然必须处理事实。”

“Undoubtedly,” agreed Thorndyke.



“My brother-in-law’的房间在二楼,” said Mr. Curtis. “我们可以乘电梯上去。”

的porter had hurried before us, and already stood with his hand upon the rope. We entered the lift, and in a few seconds were discharged 上 to the second floor, the porter, with furtive curiosity, following us down the corridor. At the end of the passage was a half-open door, considerably battered and bruised. Above the door, painted in white lettering, was the inscription, “Mr. Hartridge;”穿过门口,突显出Bad巡警的诡异面孔。


的words formed a complaint, but there was a certain geniality in the speaker’这种方式让我怀疑Bad检查员已经在偏僻的海岸航行他的手艺了。

We entered a small lobby 要么 hall, and from thence passed into the sitting-room, where we found Mr. Marchmont keeping his vigil, in company with a constable and a uniformed inspector. 的three rose softly as we entered, and greeted us in a whisper; and then, with 上e accord, we all looked towards the other end of the room, and so remained for a time without speaking.


“这是一个神秘的事情,”观察员Bad发现,彻底打破了沉默,“though it is clear enough up to a certain point. 的body tells its own story.”

We stepped across and looked down at the corpse. It was that of a somewhat elderly man, and lay, 上 an open space of floor before the fireplace, face downwards, with the arms extended. 的slender hilt of a dagger projected from the back below the left shoulder, and, with the exception of a trace of blood upon the lips, this was the 上ly indication of the mode of death. A little way from the body a clock-key lay 上 the carpet, and, glancing up at the clock 上 the mantelpiece, I perceived that the glass front was open.

“You see,”追踪检查员,注意到我的目光,“他站在壁炉前,绕着时钟。然后,凶手在他身后偷走了–钥匙的声音肯定掩盖了他的动作–刺伤了他。从匕首在左后方的位置,您可以看到凶手一定是左撇子。这已经足够清楚了。还不清楚他是如何进入的,以及他又如何离开的。”

“我想身体没有被移动,” said Thorndyke.


“Then,” said Thorndyke, “我们不会打扰他的身体,直到他来,除了要去温和给匕首剑扫灰尘。”

He took from his bag a long, registering chemical thermometer and an insufflator 要么 powder-blower. 的former he introduced under the dead man’的衣服紧贴腹部,然后用后者在匕首的黑色皮革手柄上吹出细小的黄色粉末。检察官Badger急切地弯腰检查手柄,Thorndyke吹走了均匀沉积在表面的粉末。

“No finger-prints,”他失望地说道。“他一定戴着手套。但是那个题词给出了一个相当广泛的暗示。”


“That’s the Italian for ‘traitor,'”检查员继续说,“我从搬运工那里得到了一些与该建议相符的信息。我们’现在请他来,您会听到的。”

“Meanwhile,” said Thorndyke, “因为身体的位置在询问中可能很重要,所以我将拍摄一两张照片,并制定一个粗略的缩放比例计划。什么都没动,你说?谁打开窗户?”



“杰维斯,你能站在时钟前吗,” he said, “并举起你的手,好像在缠绕吗?谢谢;当我露出盘子时保持这样。”


的photographic operations being concluded, he next proceeded, with remarkable skill and rapidity, to lay out 上 the sketch-block a ground-plan of the room, showing the exact position of the various objects, 上 a scale of a quarter of an inch to the foot—a process that the inspector was inclined to view with some impatience.

“You don’麻烦一点,医生,” he remarked; “nor time either,”他补充说,非常看了一眼手表。


的police-surgeon greeted Thorndyke with respectful cordiality, and we proceeded at 上ce to the examination of the body. Drawing out the thermometer, my colleague noted the reading, and passed the instrument to Dr. Egerton.


“Very,” said Thorndyke. “杰维斯,觉得匕首。”


“它穿过肋骨的边缘!” I exclaimed.


“当然,它是单数” said Dr. Egerton, “though 我不’不知道这对我们有很大帮助。我们可以在移动身体之前抽出匕首吗?”

“Certainly,” replied Thorndyke, “否则可能会造成新的伤害。可是等等。” He took a piece of string from his pocket, and, having drawn the dagger out a couple of inches, stretched the string in a line parallel to the flat of the blade. 然后, giving me the ends to hold, he drew the weapon out completely. As the blade emerged, the twist in the clothing disappeared. “Observe,” said he, “绳子指示伤口的方向,衣服上的切口不再与伤口重合。存在相当大的角度,这是叶片旋转的量度。”

“Yes, it is odd,” said Dr. Egerton, “但是,正如我所说,我怀疑这对我们有帮助。”

“At present,”桑堤干了回来,“我们注意到事实。”

“Quite so,”对方同意了,略微发红;“也许我们最好将尸体移到卧室,并对伤口进行初步检查。”


“Well, gentlemen,”检查员说,“您已经检查了身体和伤口,已经测量了地板和家具,拍摄了照片并制定了计划,但是我们不’似乎更加向前。这里’s a man murdered in his rooms. 那里 is 上ly 上e entrance to the flat, and that was bolted 上 the inside at the time of the murder. 的windows are some forty feet from the ground; there is no rain-pipe near any of them; they are set flush in the wall, and there isn’t a foothold for a fly 上 any part of that wall. 的grates are modern, and there isn’这是一个适合大型猫爬任何烟囱的空间。现在的问题是,凶手是如何进入的,他又是如何出去的?”


的inspector smiled sourly, but made no reply.

“The circumstances,” said Thorndyke, “appear to have been these: 的deceased seems to have been alone; there is no trace of a second occupant of the room, and 上ly 上e half-emptied tumbler 上 the table. He was sitting reading when apparently he noticed that the clock had stopped—at ten minutes to twelve; he laid his book, face downwards, 上 the table, and rose to wind the clock, and as he was winding it he met his death.”


桑迪点点头。“好像是这样,” he said. “但是,现在让我们致电搬运工,听听他必须告诉我们的内容。”

的custodian was not difficult to find, being, in fact, engaged at that moment in a survey of the premises through the slit of the letter-box.


“很多人进出大楼,” was the answer, “but 我可以’不要说是否有人来到这个公寓。我看到柯蒂斯小姐大约九点过去了。”

“My daughter!”首先,柯蒂斯先生大叫。“I didn’t know that.”

“她离开了大约九点三十分,” the porter added.


“I can guess,” replied Mr. Curtis.

“Then don’t say,”马尔蒙蒙特先生打断了他。“Answer no questions.”




“About a week ago,” was the reply. “他是一个相貌平凡的人,看起来像个磨床的人,他把一张纸条带到了我的住所。它放在一个肮脏的信封里,已经解决了‘哈特里奇先生(布兰肯赫斯特大厦)’ in a very bad handwriting. 的man gave me the note and asked me to give it to 哈特里奇先生; then he went away, and I took the note up and dropped it into the letter-box.”

“What happened next?”



“Perhaps I have,”保管人傲慢地回答。“好吧,第二天有一个冰淇淋人’lar waster,他曾经。呆在外面,好像他被冻在人行道上一样。继续给差事品尝师,当我试图将他继续前进时,他告诉我不要妨碍他的生意。的确如此!好吧,在那里,男孩们一个接一个地卡住,用舌头擦着眼镜的底部,直到我适合加重胸围。他让我整天走。

“然后,在第二天,出现了一个管风琴,上面放着一只看起来像疯子的猴子。他是最糟糕的。亵渎,他也是。保持混合神圣的曲调和喜剧歌曲:‘Rock of Ages,’ ‘Bill Bailey,’ ‘Cujus Animal,’ and ‘在花园的墙上。’当我试图使他继续前进时,那只破烂的猴子在我的腿上奔跑。然后男人笑了,开始玩,‘等到乌云滚滚过去。’我告诉你,那真是令人作呕。”



“I should,”搬运工以冷淡的尊严回答。

的inspector bustled out of the room, and returned a minute later with a letter-case in his hand. “这是在他的怀里”他说,将鼓起的箱子放在桌子上,然后草拟一把椅子。“现在,这里是三个字母绑在一起。啊!这将是一个。”他解开了磁带,伸出一个肮脏的信封,用乱蓬蓬的文盲信给他。‘Mr. Hartridge, Esq.’ “那是意大利人给你的钞票吗?”

的porter examined it critically. “Yes,” said he; “that is the 上e.”

的inspector drew the letter out of the envelope, and, as he opened it, his eyebrows went up.



“我本以为你可以用肉眼看到的,”检查员说,with a sly grin at me. “It’一个非常大胆的设计。”

“Yes,” replied Thorndyke; “一个非常有趣的作品。马尔蒙先生,您说什么?”

的solicitor took the note, and I looked over his shoulder. It was certainly a curious production. Written in red ink, 上 the commonest notepaper, and in the same sprawling hand as the address, was the following message: “你有六天的时间去做公正的事情。通过上面的标志,知道失败的后果。” 的sign referred to was a skull and crossbones, very neatly, but rather unskilfully, drawn at the top of the paper.

“This,”马尔蒙特先生说,handing the document to Mr. Curtis, “解释了他昨天写的单封信。我觉得你随身带着吗?”

“Yes,”柯蒂斯先生回答;“here it is.”




“Oh yes,”柯蒂斯先生回答。“他几乎整个去年都留在卡普里岛。”

“那么,那为什么给我们提供线索。看这里。这是另外两个字母; E.C.邮戳-Saffron Hill是E.C.,那就看看吧!”



“Before you go,” said Thorndyke, “我要解决两个小问题。一种是匕首:我认为它在你的口袋里。我可以看看吗?”

的inspector rather reluctantly produced the dagger and handed it to my colleague.



“Perhaps so,” said Thorndyke.


“我从未见过这样的人!”狂热的侦探大叫。“他的座右铭应该是‘We magnify thee.’ I suppose he’ll measure it next.”

的inspector was not mistaken. Having made a rough sketch of the weapon 上 his block, Thorndyke produced from his bag a folding rule and a delicate calliper-gauge. With these instruments he proceeded, with extraordinary care and precision, to take the dimensions of the various parts of the dagger, entering each measurement in its place 上 the sketch, with a few brief, descriptive details.

“The other matter,”他长篇大论地说,把匕首交给了检查员,“指对面的房子。”



“Yes, that’s true,”检查员说;“尽管我希望他们中的任何人看到任何东西,但他们在阅读文件中的报告时会很快提出。但是我现在必须离开,我将不得不把你锁在房间之外。”

当我们走下楼梯时,马奇蒙特先生宣布他打算在晚上致电给我们,“unless,” he added, “您现在想要我的任何信息。”

“I do,” said Thorndyke. “我想知道谁对此人感兴趣’s death.”

“That,” replied Marchmont, “真是个奇怪的故事。让我们在从窗户看到的那个花园里转一圈。我们在那里会很私密。”


“你问的问题”Marchmont先生开始好奇地抬头看着对面的高楼, “is very simply answered. 的only person immediately interested in the death of Alfred Hartridge is his executor and sole legatee, a man named Leonard Wolfe. He is no relation of the deceased, merely a friend, but he inherits the entire estate—about twenty thousand pounds. 的circumstances are these: Alfred Hartridge was the elder of two brothers, of whom the younger, Charles, died before his father, leaving a widow and three children. Fifteen years ago the father died, leaving the whole of his property to Alfred, with the understanding that he should support his brother’一家人,让孩子们成为他的继承人。”

“Was there no will?” asked Thorndyke.

“在儿子的朋友的巨大压力下’寡妇死后不久就立了遗嘱;但是他那时年纪很大,而且相当幼稚,因此阿尔弗雷德(Alfred)以不当影响为由对遗嘱提出了质疑,最终将其搁置。从那以后,阿尔弗雷德·哈特里奇(Alfred Hartridge)便不花一分钱给他兄弟’的家庭。如果不是我的客户柯蒂斯先生,他们可能会饿死。寡妇的抚养和子女教育的全部重担都落在了他身上。

“嗯,最近有两个原因使此事呈急性形式。首先是查尔斯’长子埃德蒙(Edmund)已成年。柯蒂斯先生已将他写给律师,并且,由于他现在已经完全合格,并且提出了关于合伙的最有利建议,我们一直在向阿尔弗雷德施加压力,要求阿尔弗雷德按照父亲的要求提供必要的资本’的愿望。他拒绝这样做,今天上午我们正是在谈到这个问题时才呼吁他。第二个原因涉及一个奇怪而可耻的故事。有一定的伦纳德·沃尔夫,他是死者的亲密朋友。我可以说,他是一个性格不佳的人,而且他们的交往对任何一个都不值得赞扬。还有一个名叫海丝特·格林(Hester Greene)的女人,她对死者有某些主张,我们目前无需赘述。现在,伦纳德·沃尔夫(Leonard Wolfe)与死者阿尔弗雷德·哈特里奇(Alfred Hartridge)达成了一项协议,协议的条款如下:(1)沃尔夫要嫁给海丝特·格林(Hester Greene),并考虑到这项服务(2)阿尔弗雷德·哈特里奇(Alfred Hartridge)将分配给沃尔夫。他的全部财产,绝对是在哈特里奇(Hartridge)去世时发生的。”

“这项交易完成了吗?” asked Thorndyke.

“是的,它很不幸。但是我们希望看看在哈特里奇(Hartridge)期间寡妇和孩子们能做些什么’的一生。毫无疑问,我的客户’的女儿柯蒂斯小姐昨晚打电话来执行类似的任务,因为事情已经掌握在我们手中,这非常谨慎。但是,您知道,她与埃德蒙·哈特里奇(Edmund Hartridge)订婚,我希望这次采访是一场风雨如磐的采访。”


“What sort of man,”他现在问,“这是伦纳德·沃尔夫吗?显然他是个卑鄙的流氓,但是他在其他方面是什么样的呢?例如,他是个傻瓜吗?”

“一点也不,我应该说,” said Mr. Curtis. “他曾是一名工程师,并且我相信他是一位非常有能力的机械师。后来,他住在一些财产上,花了他的时间和金钱在赌博和驱散上。因此,我希望他目前资金短缺。”

“And in appearance?”

“I 上ly saw him 上ce,”柯蒂斯先生回答说,“and all 我可以 remember of him is that he is rather short, fair, thin, and clean-shaven, and that he has lost the middle finger of his left hand.”

“And he lives at?”


的two men shook our hands and hurried away, leaving Thorndyke gazing meditatively at the dingy flower-beds.


“Cotman Street, sir,”搬运工回答。“他们几乎是所有办公室。”

“And the numbers? 那 open second-floor window, for instance?”


“Thank you.”


“By the way,” said he, “我刚才从窗户上掉了东西-一小块扁平的金属,就像这样。”他在名片的背面制作了一个圆盘的整齐草图,圆盘上有一个六角形的孔,然后将其交给搬运工。“I can’t say where it fell,” he continued; “这些扁平的东西大约是这样。但您可能会请园丁寻找。如果他把他带到我的房间,我会给他一个主权,因为,尽管这对其他人没有任何价值,但对我来说却具有相当的价值。”

的porter touched his hat briskly, and as we turned out at the gate, I looked back and saw him already wading among the shrubs.

的object of the porter’的追求给了我相当大的精神上的职业。我没见过桑迪克掉任何东西,这不是他不小心指任何有价值的物品的方式。我正要就此问题向他提出质疑,当时他急转弯转到科特曼街,他在第六号门口起身,开始专心阅读住户的名字。

“‘Third-floor,'” he read out, “‘委员会代理人托马斯·巴洛先生。’哼!我认为我们将研究巴洛先生。”


“Allow me,”桑迪克说,把它不必要地扎在废纸basket里,然后把玩具交给了主人。“我不用问巴洛先生是否在里面,” he added, “他也可能很快会回来。”

“He won’t be back to-day,”这个男孩不好意思出汗。“他在我来之前就离开了。我来晚了”

“I see,” said Thorndyke. “早起的鸟儿抓住了蠕虫,而晚起的鸟儿抓住了空竹。您怎么知道他不会回来? ”




的boy stared at him in amazement. “Yes, I did,” he answered. “How did you know?”

“I didn’t,否则我不应该问。但是我看到他用手写笔写了这张纸条。”

的boy regarded Thorndyke distrustfully, as he continued:


“This ain’t him, then,” said the boy. “He’s thin, but he ain’t tall 要么 dark. He’有一头沙色的胡须,他戴着眼镜,戴着假发。我看见假发的时候就知道”他狡猾地补充道,“’因为我父亲穿一顶。他把它放在一个钉子上梳理,当我幼虫时他对我起誓。”

“我朋友左手受伤,” pursued Thorndyke.

“I dunno about that,” said the youth. “巴洛先生几乎总是戴着手套。无论如何,他总是左手戴一副。”

“Ah well! I’请给他一张便条纸,如果您能给我一张便条纸。你有墨水吗?”



“I don’毕竟我认为我不会离开它,”他说,把折叠好的纸滑进他的口袋。“不,告诉他我打电话给他。贺拉斯·巴奇(Horace Budge),并说一两天后我会再看一次。”

的youth watched our exit with an air of perplexity, and he even came out 上 to the landing, the better to observe us over the balusters; until, unexpectedly catching Thorndyke’突然,他突然突然撤下了头,然后混乱地退休了。

说实话,我现在比Thorndyke的上班族感到困惑 ’的诉讼;在这种情况下,我无法发现我认为他参与过的调查的意义。最后一根稻草放在我好奇的重担上,当他停在楼梯窗前,从便袋里掏出便条,与他一起检查。镜头,将其置于光线下,然后大声笑了。

“Luck,” he observed, “尽管不能替代护理和智力,但它却是令人愉快的补充。真的,我博学的兄弟,我们做得很好。”


“我刚刚去见巴洛先生,” said he. “他似乎已经离开了很早。”

“Yes, sir,” the man replied. “他八点半就走了。”


“I suppose so,”该名男子笑着表示同意;“但他离开时我才刚来。”


“Yes, sir. 那里 was two cases, a square 上e and a long, narrow 上e, about five foot long. I helped him to carry them down to the cab.”


“Yes, sir.”

“Mr. Barlow hasn’来这里很久了,对吗?” Thorndyke inquired.




“这种武术表演可能是什么意思?”当我们拒绝Fetter Lane时,我问。

“House protection,”他迅速回答。“您将同意,放下步枪,再用刺刀,将使最大胆的小偷感到不安。 ”



当我晚上通过Mitre Court回家时,我赶上了也被送往我们会议厅的Marchmont先生,我们一起继续前进。

“我有桑迪克的纸条,” he explained, “要求提供笔迹样本,所以我想我可以随身携带,看看他是否有任何消息。”


“我已经得到了您要的标本,” said Marchmont. “I didn’我以为我不应该这样做,但是幸运的是,柯蒂斯保留了他从有关党派收到的唯一一封信。”


“By the way,”Marchmont说,拿起匕首,“我以为检查员把这个带走了。”

“他拿了原版,” replied Thorndyke. “这是Polton为实验目的从我的图纸中复制的副本。”


“制作起来很容易,” said Polton, “一个习惯于金属加工的男人。”

“Which,” added Thorndyke, “具有某些证据价值的事实。”


“这是一件可怕的事情,马奇蒙特!” he gasped. “我的女儿伊迪丝因谋杀案被捕。 ger警官来到我们家,把她带走。天哪!我会发疯的!”

桑迪克把手放在那激动的人上’s shoulder. “Don’柯蒂斯先生,请您自救,” said he. “我向你保证,没有机会。我想,” he added, “你的女儿是左撇子?”


“We’马上把她出去” said Thorndyke. “但是听有一个人在门口。”


“Don’t go, inspector,” said Thorndyke; “我想和你谈谈。也许柯蒂斯先生会在一个小时内再来一次。你会?希望到那时我们能为您带来消息。”



“Yes,” replied Badger; “I haven’不要让草在我脚下长出来;和我’ve got a pretty strong case against Miss Curtis already. 你看, she was the last person seen in the company of the deceased; she had a grievance against him; she is left-handed, and you remember that the murder was committed by a left-handed person.”

“Anything else?”



“啊,你来了!那’目前是个谜,除非您能给我们解释。” 的inspector made this qualification with a faint grin, and added: “由于我们闯入该地方时没人在,所以凶手一定以某种方式逃脱了。您可以’t deny that.”

“尽管如此,我还是否认” said Thorndyke. “You look surprised,”他继续说(无疑是对的),“but yet the whole thing is exceedingly obvious. 的explanation struck me directly I looked at the body. 那里 was evidently no practicable exit from the flat, and there was certainly no 上e in it when you entered. Clearly, then, the murderer had never been in the place at all.”

“I don’至少不要跟着你” said the inspector.

“Well,” said Thorndyke, “as I have finished with the case, and am handing it over to you, I will put the evidence before you seriatim. Now, I think we are agreed that, at the moment when the blow was struck, the deceased was standing before the fireplace, winding the clock. 的dagger entered obliquely from the left, and, if you recall its position, you will remember that its hilt pointed directly towards an open window.”



He had placed his hand upon the knob of a drawer, when we were interrupted by a knock at the door. I sprang up, and, opening it, admitted no less a person than the porter of Brackenhurst Chambers. 的man looked somewhat surprised 上 recognizing our visitors, but advanced to Thorndyke, drawing a folded paper from his pocket.

“I’先生,您找到了您要查找的文章,” said he, “我为此做了一次难得的狩猎。它已经粘在其中一种灌木的叶子上。”


“Thank you,”他说,将一位君主推向满意的官员。“检查员叫你名字,我想吗?”

“He have, sir,”搬运工回答。然后,掏出自己的钱,他开怀大笑地离开了。

“回到匕首,”桑迪克说,打开抽屉。“正如我已经说过的那样,这是一个非常特殊的模型,正如您将从该模型中看到的那样,它是完全相同的模型。”他在这里展出了波尔顿’对惊讶的侦探的生产。“您会看到它非常纤细,没有投影和异常材料。您还会看到,它显然不是由普通的匕首制造者制造的。尽管上面写着意大利语单词,但上面写得很清楚‘British mechanic.’刀片由四分之三英寸的常用工具钢制成。刀柄由铝杆转动;而且没有任何工程师能够在车床上制作出的雕刻线’的徒弟。甚至顶部的凸台也是机械的,因为它就像普通的六角螺母。然后,注意尺寸,如我的图形所示。刚超出叶片的部分A和B的直径完全相似-这样的精确度几乎不会是偶然的。它们分别是直径为10.9毫米的圆圈的一部分,这是一个巧合,恰好是旧Chassepot步枪的口径,而后者的标本现已在伦敦的多家商店出售。例如,这是一个。”


“Good God!”Marchmont大叫。“You don’是否暗示匕首是用枪射击的?”


“No, I do not,”检查员说;“但是我说你是在暗示不可能。”

“Then,” replied Thorndyke, “我必须解释和证明。首先,该弹丸必须首先行进。因此,它必须要旋转-而且当它进入人体时,它肯定在旋转,因为衣服和伤口向我们展示。现在,要使其旋转,必须将其从有膛线的枪管中发射;但由于刀柄不会参与步枪射击,因此必须配备能够击剑的东西。那东西显然是一个柔软的金属垫圈,安装在这个六角形上,可以被压入步枪的凹槽中,然后旋转匕首,但是一旦武器离开枪管就会掉下来。这是波尔顿为我们制造的洗衣机。”



“听起来确实不太可能,” Marchmont agreed.

“We will see,” said Thorndyke. “这是Polton的临时装甲’的产品,其中装有八分之一的20口径无烟粉末。”

He fitted the washer 上 to the boss of the dagger in the open breech of the rifle, pushed it into the barrel, inserted the cartridge, and closed the breech. 然后, opening the office-door, he displayed a target of padded strawboard against the wall.

“两个房间的长度,” said he, “给了我们三十二英尺的距离杰维斯,你会关上窗户吗?”


“You see,”桑迪克放下步枪说,“事情是可行的。现在作为有关实际发生的证据。首先,在原始匕首上存在与划痕线槽完全对应的线性划痕。然后就是事实,当匕首进入身体时,匕首肯定是从左向右旋转(沿步枪的方向)。然后就是这个,正如您所听到的,搬运工是在花园里发现的。”

He opened the paper packet. In it lay a metal disc, perforated by a hexagonal hole. Stepping into the office, he picked up from the floor the washer that he had put 上 the dagger, and laid it 上 the paper beside the other. 的two discs were identical in size, and the margin of each was indented with identical markings, corresponding to the rifling of the barrel.

的inspector gazed at the two discs in silence for a while; then, looking up at Thorndyke, he said:

“我屈服,大夫。您’re right, beyond all doubt; but how you came to think of it beats me into fits. 的only question now is, Who fired the gun, and why wasn’t the report heard?”

“As to the latter,” said Thorndyke, “他可能使用了压缩空气附件,不仅可以减少噪音,还可以防止炸药的任何痕迹留在匕首上。至于前者,我想我可以给你杀人犯 ’的名字但是我们最好按顺序取证。您可能还记得,” he continued, “当杰维斯博士站起来好像在打钟时,我在他站着的地板上画了一个标记。现在,站在那个标记处,从敞开的窗户向外看,我可以看到一栋房屋的两个窗户几乎对面。它们是科特曼街6号的二楼和三楼窗户。二楼被一家建筑师事务所占据;委托代理人Thomas Barlow在三楼。我拜访了巴洛先生,但在描述我的访问之前,我将谈谈另一件事。你避风港’我想那些威胁你的信是吗?”

“Yes, I have,”检查员说;and he drew forth a wallet from his breast-pocket.

“让我们拿第一个,” said Thorndyke. “您会看到纸张和信封是最普通的,而文字却是文盲的。但是墨水与此不同。文盲通常会在便士瓶中购买墨水。现在,用Draper解决这个信封’二向色墨水(一种高级的办公墨水,仅以大瓶出售),书写笔记的红色墨水是未固定的猩红色墨水,如绘图员使用的墨水,如您所见,笔。但是,关于这封信的最有趣的事情是顶部绘制的设计。从艺术意义上讲,该人无法绘画,而且头骨的解剖学细节十分可笑。然而,图纸非常整洁。它具有机械制图的干净,线条清晰的线条,并且要用一只稳定,熟练的手来完成。它也是完全对称的。例如,头骨恰好在中心,当我们通过镜头检查头骨时,我们就知道为什么会这样,因为我们发现了铅笔状中心线和直角交叉线的痕迹。此外,镜头还显示出绘图员的微小颗粒’柔软的红色橡胶,用铅笔线剪掉;所有这些事实加在一起,就表明该图是由习惯于制作精确机械图的人绘制的。现在我们回到巴洛先生。我打来电话时他不在,但我还是随便看看办公室,这就是我所看到的。壁炉架上是十二英寸的平黄杨木尺,例如工程师使用的,一块柔软的红色橡胶和一瓶Draper石瓶’s二向色油墨。我通过一个简单的诡计就获得了办公室便条纸和墨水的样本。我们将立即对其进行检查。我发现Barlow先生是个新房客,他很矮,戴着假发和眼镜,左手总是戴手套。他今天早上8.30离开办公室,没人看到他到。他有一个方形的盒子,一个狭长的长方形盒子,长约五英尺。然后他坐出租车去了维多利亚,显然乘坐了8.51火车到查塔姆。”


“But,”桑迪克继续说,“现在检查这三个字母,并将它们与我在Barlow先生中写的笔记进行比较 ’的办公室。您会看到该纸具有相同的品牌和相同的水印,但这没有什么意义。至关重要的是:在每个字母中,您都会在底角附近看到两个小凹痕。有人在包装的信纸上使用了圆规或图钉,并且这些点上几乎没有凹痕,这些凹痕已经标记了几张纸。现在,便条纸在折叠后被切成其尺寸,如果将销钉插入到某个部分的顶纸中,则所有基础纸上的压痕距纸边和角的距离将完全相同。但是您会看到这些小凹痕距边缘和拐角的距离相同。”他用圆规证明了这一事实。“现在看一下这张纸,这是我在巴洛先生那里获得的’的办公室。在底角附近有两个小凹痕-有点模糊,但很明显-当我们用圆规测量它们时,我们发现它们彼此之间的距离完全相同,并且与边缘和边缘之间的距离相同底角。不可抗拒的结论是,这四张纸来自同一包装。”

的inspector started up from his chair, and faced Thorndyke. “巴洛先生是谁?” he asked.

“That,” replied Thorndyke, “供您确定;但我可以给您一个有用的提示。只有一个人因阿尔弗雷德·哈特里奇(Alfred Hartridge)的死而受益,但他却受益于两万英镑。他的名字叫伦纳德·沃尔夫(Leonard Wolfe),我从马奇蒙特先生那里得知他是个冷漠的人-一个赌徒和一个节俭的人。从专业上讲,他是一名工程师,并且是一位精通机械师。从外观上看,他瘦,短,白皙,整洁,而且已经失去了左手的中指。巴洛先生又矮又瘦,也很普通,但是戴着假发,木板和眼镜,左手总是戴手套。我已经看到了两位先生的笔迹,应该说很难将彼此区分开。”

的same night Leonard Wolfe was arrested at Eltham, in the very act of burying in his garden a large and powerful compressed-air rifle. He was never brought to trial, however, for he had in his pocket a more portable weapon—a large-bore Derringer pistol—with which he managed to terminate an exceedingly ill-spent life.

“And, after all,” was Thorndyke’的评论,当他听到事件时,“他有他的用途。他减轻了两个非常坏人的负担,并且给了我们一个最有启发性的案例。他向我们展示了一个聪明而机灵的罪犯可能会费尽无尽的努力来误导和欺骗警察,但由于疏忽琐碎的细节,可能会分散播报的线索。我们只能在两个方面对犯罪阶层说:‘你去做同样的事情。”


Swedish Crime 小说 Review 的Princess Of Burundi By Kjell Eriksson
Swedish Crime 小说 Review: 的Princess Of Burundi By Kjell Eriksson