The Novel review 无助 From Daniel Palmer

小说评论“Helpless” From Daniel Palmer

丹尼尔·帕尔默(Daniel Palmer),《 无助 and the son of the New York Times bestseller novelist, Michael Palmer, and has definitely created a spot for himself with his techo-flavored 惊悚片. 无助 是他最新的惊悚片,已迅速跻身最畅销单。


The main character of 无助 is 汤姆 Hawkins who is the coach of the Shilo Wildcats, the high school girls’足球练习。直到一位名叫布伦丹·墨菲(Brendan Murphy)的军官通知汤姆,他的前妻在她家后院的山沟中被发现死亡,生活似乎很正常。墨菲立即怀疑汤姆犯规,但事实并非如此。’不能帮助汤姆说他有不在场证明,但没有证明。

Then an anonymous blog post alleges that Coach Hawkins is sleeping with 上 e of his players. Internet rumors escalate, and incriminating evidence surfaces 上 汤姆’自己的计算机和手机。

汤姆’s world comes crashing down 上 him and almost no 上 e, not even his daughter, believes him. 汤姆’s attorney, receives some information from a wholly unexpected source, and slowly comes to realize that 汤姆 may in fact be innocent. But why is this happening to 汤姆? It turns out that he has been keeping a secret of his own that is now coming back to haunt him.


无助”这是关于我们所生活的数字生活潜在危险后果的警示性故事。丹尼尔·帕尔默(Daniel Palmer)与他的处女作一样,将技术和数字/社交网络与充满活力的快节奏故事相结合。您会发现有趣的细节,从足球到联邦调查局’与网络犯罪分子的斗争。对于那些喜欢詹姆士·帕特森等人的书籍的读者来说,这是一个故事。


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