Interview with Crime and thriller novelist Peter 詹姆士 in South Africa

Interview with Crime and thriller novelist Peter 詹姆士 in South Africa

The the son of Cornelia 詹姆士, the former glovemaker to Queen Elizabeth II, Peter 詹姆士 didn’找不到满足于王室的热情,却发现了犯罪 writing. He was educated at Charterhouse School and went 上 to Ravensbourne Film School. For a brief period of time whilst at film school 詹姆士 worked as Orson Welles’房子的清洁工。随后,他在北美工作了数年,担任编剧和电影制片人,从1970年在加拿大开始,先是为孩子们做胶卷,然后是作家。’的电视连续剧《圆点门》。

今天,他将自己的生活分为苏塞克斯布莱顿附近的乡间别墅和伦敦诺丁山的公寓。他的兴趣包括犯罪学,科学和超自然现象,以及美食和美酒-他目前为《萨塞克斯生活》杂志撰写每月专栏。他也自认“petrol head”,多年来拥有许多快速车,包括四辆阿斯顿·马丁,AMG和Brabus Mercedes,一辆Bentley Continental GT Speed和两辆经典Jaguar E-Type。



Peter 詹姆士 has written 35 novels, including the International best-selling crime thriller series featuring Brighton-based Detective Superintendent Roy Grace, which have sold 18 million copies worldwide and have given him eleven consecutive UK Sunday Times number 上 es, as well as number 上 es in Germany, France, Russia and Canada, and he is also a New York Times best-seller.

詹姆士’的书籍已被翻译成37种语言。它们在英国和美国由Macmillan Publishers发行。 1993年,Penguin 图书在两张软盘上(除了传统印刷格式外)出版了他的小说《 Host》,被称为《世界》。’s first electronic novel; a copy of it is in the Science Museum. 詹姆士 has written supernatural 惊悚片, spy fiction, science-based 惊悚片, a children’小说《完美谋杀》在iBooks上排名第15周,在前10名中排名第45周,由肖恩·麦肯纳改编成舞台剧,并于2014年大获成功,并于2016年重返舞台由Shane Richie和Jessie Wallace主演。

死了简单, the second adaptation of his work, also by Shaun McKenna toured nationwide during 2015 with an all-star cast including Tina Hobley, Jamie Lomas and Rik Makarem. It is also in development for both film and 电视. Not Dead Enough, his third stage adaptation, starring Shane Richie, Bill Ward and Laura Whitmore completed a 24-week national UK tour in the first half of 2017. 詹姆士 has served two consecutive terms as chairman of the UK Crime Writers Association, and is Overseas Vice-President of International Thriller Writers in the USA.

詹姆士 was the Programming Chair for the Theakstons Old Peculier Crime Writing Festival in 2016, part of the Harrogate International Festivals portfolio.

In 2017, 詹姆士 wrote the foreword for the U.K. edition of The Crime Book, with American crime author Cathy Scott writing the foreword for the U.S. edition. The nonfiction book, a volume in the Big Ideas Simply Explained series, was released by Dorling Kindersley (Penguin Random House) in April 2017 in the U.K. and May 2017 in the U.S..


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